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Enugu State’s Most Popular Markets

Enugu State’s Most Popular Markets

Enugu, Nigeria’s coal city, provides a plethora of venues and places where individuals can buy or sell new, used, fresh, locally and globally created things. I mean, if you’re looking for anything at all, you can find them in Enugu (Well, except illegal stuffs).

Most of the known markets include:

1.  Garriki Market

The Afor Garriki market is a large market in Enugu because of its unusual position. Garriki is the southern access point to Enugu and the terminus of the famed Agbani road in Enugu City. Most visitors from the south-eastern states, Port-Harcourt, and Akwa-ibom will enter Enugu via Garriki unless they take the Enugu-Port-Harcourt road. The majority of local commodities marketed in Garriki are from Amechi, Nkanu Land, Awgu, and Aninri Local Governments. Commercial buses to various sections of Enugu city can be found at Garriki. Because of the abundance of garages in Garriki, the market, particularly the stores along the road, remains open until late at night. Fruits, vegetables, and indigenous delicacies are frequently plentiful.

2. New Market

On Works Road, there is another significant market in Enugu. Among the important public buildings situated in and around New Market are Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Federal Road Safety Corps State Command, and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence State Command. The majority of the features of the Ogbete market are present, except for size. The market is also unique since it is a niche marketplace where you may buy unusual locally produced goods that have been imported from places like Ngwo, Udi, and Ezeagu.

3. Ogige Market

The second-largest market in Enugu State is located at Ogige. It is located in Nsukka Town, in the Nsukka Local Government Area, along University Road. The entire Nsukka tribe, particularly the elite University of Nigeria (UNN) population, is served by this important market. Because they are sourced from the nearby cities and villages, commodities, particularly food products, are very inexpensive at Ogige market. Since they are typically sourced locally, Ogige market is home to a variety of fruits and nuts, including banana, cashew nut, and groundnut. The Nsukka people are well known for their honey production.

4. Ogbete Market

The preferred marketplace for wholesale purchasers and dealers. Ogbete is divided into lines and lock-up stores, just like other significant markets in the nation. Each line consists of a number of lock-up stores occupied by traders who deal in related or complementary commodities. Some lines in Ogbete have alphabetical names, such as  K-line, M-line, and D-line. However, certain other significant lines, such as the railway line, electronics line, food line, plastic line, cosmetic line, books line, etc., are not alphabetically numbered.

Most Enugu residents choose to travel to Ogbete for large-scale purchases, bulk purchases, original and high-quality purchases, access to a variety of items, new product purchases, and wholesale purchases.

5. Old Artisan Market

One of the oldest markets in the city of Enugu is the artisan market. It is located near the Ebeano tunnel driveway along Ogui Road. You can purchase food items, meat, cattle, groceries, clothing, gadgets, and other items at Artisan Market.

6.  New  Artisan Market

This market is close to Goshen Estate along the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway. It primarily deals in animals, like cows, goats, sheep, etc. The market draws vendors from many regions of the nation. Hausa cattle traders are this market’s main livestock providers.

7. Kenyatta Market

The market for construction supplies in Kenyatta is the busiest in the state of Enugu. In Uwani Enugu, it is situated next to Kenyatta Street. The market in Kenyetta is where you can get a wide variety of building supplies, as well as furniture, supplies for home d├ęcor, and other household goods. In addition to building supplies, market vendors also offer groceries and other goods.

8.  Coal camp Market

The preferred market for all automotive goods and services is this one, also known as the Enugu Auto/Spare Parts Market. You may receive the services of qualified and experienced car mechanics at the market, where you can also discover all types of vehicle, tricycle, and motorbike parts. Any automotive repairs or parts that weren’t available at coal camp would be nearly impossible to find anywhere in Enugu.

9. Abakpa Market

Afia Akpa, also known as Abakpa market, is a small storefront located on the Abakpa-Nike route. The market trades in home goods, particularly food items. Farm products from Nike, Ugwogo, and nearby areas are sold at this market. The market is typically busier in the evening, which frequently leads to congestion on all the nearby roads.

10. Orie Emene Market

Emene town contains Orie Emene, as it is known locally. All local goods, cuisines, fruits, and veggies can be found in this market. Residents of Emene can get their needs met at the market that is located along the road. Thus, they typically don’t have to travel far to purchase items from the main market in Ogbete.

11. Mayor Market

Along Agbani road, directly across from Mobile Police Barack, is a small commodity market called Mayor market. Fruits, vegetables, meals, and household goods dominate the market. The Agbani road’s Amokwe-Amechi axis experiences significant traffic in the evenings when the market is often very crowded.

So, there you have it. You have no excuse to not go shopping. Enugu is calling, from the nightlife to the cultural creativity and even the entertainment sector.

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