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Enugu is one of the cities that developed from the 1980s European contact. This came about when, in search for Silver, coal was discovered instead in the nearby village of Enugu Ngwo. The creation of the coal corp began. However, the name Enugu was derived from a phrase in Igbo used to refer to the region’s capital. The phrase was Enu Ugwu, which means Hill Top. This region is populated by the Igbo and Igala people, a tribe that has occupied this region for almost 6000years.

The sub-group that has inhabited this hilltop and its surrounding region comprises primarily the Enugwu-Ngwo and the Nike. Contradictory, the title of the hilltop is not accurate, as Enugu is copied at the foot of an escarpment known as the Udi Plateau. An escarpment in a slope or cliff, often steep, occurs due to fault or erosion. It’s long enough to separate two level regions due to the different elevation angles.

Enugu is situated in the Cross river basin and the Benue trough The probable extreme height of the hill’s elevation of 3,300 feet ( roughly 1000 meters) with the surrounding highlands underlain by sandstone. Despite the hilly nature, Enugu is in the tropical rainforest zone, with a derived Savannah, this makes for a tropical climate as opposed to a cold, windy climate. The weather is relatively hot year-round, except for the annual rainfall and harmattan, a dirty trade wind that crosses the nation as a whole. Notably, the occupants of the hilltop City, though majority Igbo, speak a select dialect, known as the Wawa dialect of the Igbo language. Enugu is often referred to as a coal city state or the Wawa state in recent times as opposed to its original title of the Hill Top City

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