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The name “Enugu” is a clear denotation of the city’s landscape, which consist of undulating hills and valleys, and this is for the benefit of those who have visited the city and also for those who haven’t. If you are among the large populace who haven’t, then you really should make out some time to do so.

Enugu is a large town and the capital of Enugu state in the southern part of Nigeria. The state is populated with over 4,411,100 people according to the 2016 census projection count. The 14 local government areas that make up the rural areas of Enugu are: Aniriri, Awgu, Ezeagu, igbo-etiti, igboeze north, igboeze south, Isi uzo, Nkanu east, Nkanu south, Nsukka. Oji River, Udenu, Udi and Uzo uwanni.

The Plateau’s 1909 discovery of the coal, which resulted in construction of Port-Harcourt construction, is responsible for the town’s creation. The town rapidly developed upon the completion of the railway in 1961. Discovery shows that its name was derived from two Igbo names Ènù and ùgwù, the names translate to “hill top” and it indicates the city’s mountainous topography.

I mean, from the beginning, Enugu has differentiated itself from the fold. A city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.

General Ibrahim Babangida administration split the former Anambra state, also known as Anambra North, into Enugu state on August 27, 1991. The area of Enugu state covers about 7,161 square kilometers. Its neighbors include Anambra to the west, Kogi to the north, Benue and Ebonyi state to the east and Imo state to the south. In other words, it is surrounded by diversity.

Open grassland dominates Enugu state, with sporadic woods and grooves of oil palms. The state’s capital is a significant mining hub and one that has continued to be the main point of call, even in the years to come. Additionally, deposits of limestone, fine clay, marble, and silica sand are handled as well as iron ore. Manufacturing of textiles, food processing, bottling, and brewery companies are examples of the industries in Enugu state.

Finally, the state also serves as one of the main shooting places for the directors in the “Nollywood” film industry in Nigeria.  Although, unlike the Western counterpart – Hollywood, Nollywood isn’t a place, rather it can be found everywhere and anywhere – but, Enugu happens to be one of Nollywood’s favorite places to be found. It should be a place you want to be found too!

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