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5 Things You Should Know About Enugu

Enugu is the home of festivities – besides being known for its many hills and mountains, Enugu is also known for its cultural heritage, no doubt. Like most states and parts of the country, it is full of historical and cultural values. This is evident for everyone to see. There are a number of festivals celebrated in the state yearly, however, the New Yam Festival seems to be the one a lot of people look out for.


The New Yam Festival is always done to officially present the newly harvested yams to God and the ancestors of the people. The New Yam Festival is as old as the Igbo culture. It is a common celebration in the South Eastern region of Nigeria, with Enugu being no exception.

The festival usually holds between August and October with each community in the state determining a date. The festival is also known as “Iwa ji” by the natives. It is a practice which serves as a unifying factor for the entire Igbo land and its people. Over the years, the festival has become a major tourist attraction for both locals within the country and foreigners from different countries. This is due to the colorful events that accompany the festival such as the Royal dance, Igba-Eze dance, masquerade parade & dance, cultural dance and musical rendition by different groups all over the state.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this beautiful and symbolic culture? That’s why we have a lot of visitors from around the world every year.

Another festival you definitely do not want to miss if you happen to be anywhere around the city, is the Mmanwu Festival – the masquerade festival. It is an Igbo celebration of masquerades which serves to honor the ancestral spirits represented by each masquerade.

The festival serves as an umbrella for different masquerade celebration like the Enyi Mmanwu – Elephant; the Ojionu, which is the water spirit masquerade; the Mmanwu Ube – Tortoise; the Mmanwu Ugo – Eagle and the Ijele, which is considered to be the king of these masquerades. It is a yearly festival that is usually held at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in the month of November.


If you’re looking for a city that never sleeps and don’t want to think of Lagos and Abuja, Enugu is that city. It boasts of a very interesting and bubbly nightlife like other major cities in Nigeria. Its impressive nightlife is not only one for the books, it’s also one to experience. For nightcrawlers, there are various joints, sit-outs and clubs providing all forms of night entertainment. Right here in Enugu, the party never stops.

Though the days to experience the peak of the parties are Fridays and Saturdays, we do have club nights on some week days but, the week ends make things happen. To ensure they have the best of experiences during the week ends, people hang out at wine bars and joints spread around different corners of Enugu city.

There are places like True lounge, Villa Toscana nightclub, Legend hotel, Dmatel hotel and Resort, Amazon hotel, Hotel Toscana, Nike Lake Resort/hotel, Hotel Metropole International Ltd, and Rossy Valley International Hotels complex. You can be wherever you want to be!


Go shopping! Yes, we said it. In Enugu, you can do all the shopping you want, and we do not just mean from the confines of your room online – although you can do that too. At the end of your visit, you definitely want to have souvenirs or references that you visited the state. It is, in fact, a must-do for every visitor.

You can take a trip to the big stores in the city – like Shop rite, Everyday supermarket and the likes. In addition, the city provides a number of large markets which in turn serve dual functions: space to shop at cheap prices and a tourist feel of a typical Igbo Land market environment. The major markets are, however, found in the city.

From the markets, you can get a variety of things: groceries, clothes, books, electronics, vegetables etc. They are usually laid out in different sections of the market. There are also supermarkets that sell varieties of foreign goods in the city. However, the most popular market in Enugu is the Ogbete market. The Ogbete market, also known as Main market or as it is referred to – Ogbete Main Market Enugu, is considered the largest and cheapest market in the state. This part of the city is quite popular under the Enugu state local government areas because of the market.

It is the go-to place in order to get different bulk items at the best prices. People prefer to visit this market and this is mainly because it’s got everything you need. Other markets like the Kenyatta Market Enugu and New Market are considered the best places to get service providers like tailors, shoemakers, bricklayers, carpenters etc. For fresh fruits and vegetables, the Obolo market is the best place while the Artisan market is considered a good idea for anything meat or animals. The markets are lighted with kerosene lamps. Most of the markets open daily till 6:30 pm.


When we say Enugu has a lot of fun things to do and fun places to be at, it’s not a joke. As part of what to do, you would definitely love to visit the Magic Garden, Enugu. Looking to take the kids out on the weekend or for a fun time? This is one place you want to visit. It’s got everything relaxing and exciting for that warm and serene feel you want to give your children. The Magic Garden is considered one of the beautiful places in Enugu state and the go-to place for everything fun – recreation and relaxation. It ranks top of the places to visit for a calm and cool family time.

Maybe it’s magical, you’ll never know if you don’t visit it. So, give your kids a nice time out from all the stress of school, lessons, and books. Give them the magic garden.


You’ve wondered. You’ve asked questions and you’ve searched.

History. Culture. Art.

What else do you expect of a museum that you would not find at the National Museum of Unity, Enugu? The National Museum of Unity, also known as Enugu Museum, was established in 1972, after the Nigerian Civil war. Since then, it has been charged with the responsibility of promoting understanding and peaceful co-existence among citizens. For those who want to know, the museum is the best place to find relics of the Civil war.

It is not only one of the places to learn about the history of Nigeria but also a place to relive memories if you were a part of the events that unfolded. Another place to find and learn about the Civil war is the Ojukwu Bunker in Umuahia, Abia state. A part of the National War Museum annex, this structural masterpiece was built in 90 days during the Civil War under a large field behind the main house. Ojukwu Bunker contains the relics of the Nigerian Civil War. These relics are constant reminders of the events of the civil war.

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