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The Best Hotels To Stay In Enugu

The Best Hotels To Stay In Enugu

Enugu is no doubt a calm, beautiful city with many holiday and tourist attractions, business opportunities and the likes. Whatever your reason for visiting, deciding on a hotel to stay in could be quite the task, as the city has so many. We have outlined some of the best hotels to stay in Enugu to make your trip easier and delightful.

Toscana Hotel, Enugu
1 Aguleri Street, Independence Layout, Enugu.

Designed with a poolside, bar and nightclub, Toscana Hotel is constantly brimming with activity. It also has event halls, ample parking space and a barber shop. Visiting celebrities occasionally turn up at this club, you should definitely try it out.

Nondon Hotels

2 Ituku Street, Upper Chime Avenue, Enugu

Nondon Hotelis definitely one of the best hotels to stay at in Enugu state. It offers good lodging at affordable rates. Guests are entitled to free hotel wifi and access to their swimming pool. They also have halls for events.

Neocourts Hotel Enugu
3/5 Byron Onyeama Close, New Haven, Enugu.

Neocourts is a beautiful hotel with a large sitting area (poolside) and a gym. Prices of rooms at Neocourts range from N18,750 to N31,250 for a night.

La Nueva, Enugu
2A Snap Drive, Independence Layout, Enugu

With a swimming pool, gym and free Wi-Fi available to guests, prices of rooms at La Nueva range from N13,000 to N38,000 per night. The pool and gym are also available to non-guests for a fee with a discount for children (pool). It is a one-visit hotel with impeccable facilities and services.

Universal Hotel, Enugu
3 Aguleri Street, Independence Layout, Enugu

Universal Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, gym and swimming facilities to hotel guests and while the gym is for just guests, the pool is open to non-guests.

Their buffet and Sunday brunch option is well known in Enugu as it is also available for non-guests. It is one that you should definitely try out. Universal Hotel also has various hall options, a swimming pool and a bush bar available for events.

Hard Break Hotel, Enugu
26 Umuezebi Street, New Haven, Enugu

It is rumoured that this hotel was originally ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and changed after customers complained about the name. You will absolutely love the restaurant and pool area, an amazing place for a photo shoot. There is ample parking space and complimentary breakfasts for guests but sadly, there is no gym.

The Hotel, Enugu
Plot 108 Azu-Ogbunike Crescent, Off Nza Street, Independence Layout, Enugu

Tucked away in a quiet valley in Independence Layout, the Hotel is a pleasant place to stay when in town. They’ve got a cool ambience and friendly staff. Guests enjoy free breakfast, wifi and access to their swimming pool and gym.

The Hotel has ample parking space and a hall with projector option (Seating capacity: 80-100 people) Price range: N17,900 – N55,900 (5% VAT and 10% Service charge included).

Nike Lake Resort Hotel, Enugu
Nike Lake Road, Enugu

The Nike Lake Resort Hotel is situated on the bank of Nike Lake. It is known as one of the oldest hotels in Enugu but unlike many others of its age; it has withstood the test of time with its impressive, well maintained architecture. The hotel has a swimming pool, gym, basketball court, tennis court, massage center and car hire service. Indoor gift shops can also be found in the building.

With the resort’s serene environment, it is the perfect place for a quiet weekend getaway. Price range: N15,900 – N55,000.

The Gates Luxury Apartments, Enugu
13 Peacock Drive, Zoo Estate, GRA, Enugu

The Gates is a beautiful place with great scenery – totally perfect for great picture opportunities. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfasts for guests and there is a swimming pool and gym available. Just like the Golden Royale, The Gates Luxury Apartments aims to properly cater for its exclusive clientele.

Gym and pool membership is available for Non-Guests for a price. Price Range: N45,000 – N100,000.

Golden Royale, Enugu
10 Bisalla Road, Independence Layout, Enugu

The Golden Royale is a hotel designed for comfort with a swimming pool, an indoor shop, Wi-Fi, a spa, a gym and a large parking lot. Complimentary breakfasts are provided. A hall with a seating capacity of 3000 people is also available at Golden Royale, Enugu – Perfect for your large wedding receptions, banquets, or conferences.

Price Range: N35,000 – N150,000
If you have ever stayed at any of these hotels, feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. 

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