First Edition

My Coal City Magazine is a top-notch online destination for exploring the cultural and touristic offerings of Enugu. Our content-rich website features high-quality articles and visually stunning images that showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage and diverse attractions. From historical landmarks and delectable local cuisine to exciting events, My Coal City Magazine provides comprehensive coverage of everything Enugu has to offer. Our focus on community engagement and sustainable tourism makes us the go-to resource for both locals and visitors seeking an authentic Enugu experience. Browse our website today and start your adventure in Enugu!

This edition of our esteemed publication delves into the magnificent city of Enugu, presenting an all-encompassing overview of its wondrous offerings. We embark on a journey of exploration, delving deep into the city’s many attractions and highlighting the hidden gems that await the discerning traveler. Our subsequent editions will continue to uncover the untold treasures of this magnificent destination, revealing its secrets to the world in a manner befitting its grandeur and majesty. Join us as we set out to unravel the mysteries of Enugu, in a quest to unearth its riches and reveal its secrets.

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